The Anchor as it is now known ( we dropped the ‘Inn’) is still a free house so we are free to present you with the best and more interesting products available. We don’t intend to re-invent the wheel our aim is simply to provide a friendly space for everyone to enjoy great beer, wine, coffee and spirit with great service. Simple.

We will be sympathetically refurbishing each room as we go so as not to besmirch the history and tradition of The Anchor. We want to celebrate it’s heritage but bring it up to date with today’s drinking culture. Also without closing so as to keep all the  great regulars. 


There has been an Inn on this land for over 200 years but if we can go back to the 7th century it is established that the Berma tribe settled along the river Rea. From which Birmingham would later develop it’s name. The city began as a settlement and 11 centuries later it had grown into a town. At this point following the sale of land along Rea Street crossing Bradford street the Bancrofts began building amongst other things an Inn called The Anchor at some point between 1797 and 1803. John Bancroft was in fact the first licensee and from there our legend is born. In 1901 the building as it is today was constructed in traditional James and Lister Lea Red brick popular for the period. During the 20th century it profited being stronghold of the Holt Brewery and later Ansells brewery before becoming a free house under the guidance of the Keane family who were in residence up until the 8th August 2016.

More detailed history and source; Research by Kieron McMahon and on

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The Anchor Wine List

The Anchor wine list was put together with Ed at Connolly’s Wines in the hope of providing some familiar grapes, some old favourites and something new for you to enjoy.

Cape heights Chenin Blanc – South Africa

Bottle: £12.50  Large: £4.25  Medium: £3.25  Small: £2.25

A fresh, dry white wine with a delicate lemon colour, displaying intense floral, guava and citrus aromas and succulent tropical fruit on the palate, balanced by crisp acidity.

Conde Bel Rioja Blanco – Spain

Bottle: £16.50  Large: £5.75  Medium: £4.25  Small: £3.00

A Delicate, light white wine with fruity aromas and gentle citrus fruit.

Dom la Baume Viognier – France

Bottle: £19.50  Large: £6.75  Medium: £5.25  Small: £3.75

Aromatic floral notes, honeyed peach and pear fruit with an exotic, opulent character. Extended aging on the lees has resulted in a beautifully weighted and balanced wine.

Sileni Sauvignon Blanc  – New Zealand

Bottle: £19.75  Large: £7.50  Medium: £5.75  Small:£4.00

Ripe tropical and gooseberry fruit flavours with a zingy finish and impeccable balance, a reminder of how good Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc can be.

Cape Heights Shiraz – South Africa

Bottle: £12.50  Large: £4.25  Medium: £3.25  Small: £2.25

A ripe and juicy Shiraz, packed with dark fruit flavours and black pepper notes on the palate. Lively and attractive on the nose, this wine has ripe acidity, depth, character and long finish.

The Listening Station Malbec – Australia

Bottle: £15.50  Large: £5.50  Medium: £4.50  Small: £3.25

A Darkly appealing, chocolatey Malbec with an abundance of crisp, minerally fruit.

Conde Bel Rioja Tinto – Spain

Bottle: £17.00  Large: £5.75  Medium: £4.75  Small: £3.75

A Tempranillo Garnacha blend with 6 months oak ageing from Bodegas Franco-Espanolas. It has distinctive Rioja aromas with cherry fruit, soft creamy oak and a spicy finish.

Puy des Domes Pinot Noir, Auvergne – France

Bottle: £19.75  Large: £7.50  Medium: £5.75  Small: £4.00

Puy de Dôme is a commune within the Auvergene region to the south of Loire and is named after the large volcanic dome that is the local landmark. The granitic soils and 350-550 metres of vineyard elevation are ideal for production of this cool-climate-style Pinot. This Pinot Noir is characterised by its superb purity of fruit, exhibiting ripe redcurrant, raspberry and cherry flavours, with a softness and harmony from a year’s maturation without oak.

Norte Chico Rosé – Chile

Bottle: £12.50  Large: £4.25  Medium: £3.25  Small: £2.75

An un-oaked, medium-bodied wine with aromas of ripe summer fruits. Fruity flavours with mouth-filling ripeness, making this an ideal wine to drink on its own. Off dry.

Dom de la Bastide Rosé – France

Bottle: £19.50  Large: £6.25  Medium: £4.75  Small: £3.25

Brilliantly rosé with a distinctive touch of wild berries and strawberries. A delicate, refreshing and fruity taste with a dry finish.

Lunetta Prosecco Spumante Brut mini (200ml) – Italy £6.75

Aromas of stone fruits, particularly peach, and also hints of apple. A crisp, light, and well-balanced wine with creamy mousse and delicate apple and pear characters.

Lunetta Rosé Spumante Brut mini (200ml) – Italy £6.75

A fresh and dry sparkling rosé with persistent white foam, beautifully cherry pink in colour. Red berry characters on the nose and palate make this soft and approachable in character.

Nyetimber Classic curve – England £57.00

For over 25 years (including a short period under the stewardship of one of the songwriters for Buck’s Fizz) Nyetimber has pioneered high quality English sparkling wine. The first producer to exclusively grow only the three champagne varietals. The 2010 is made of 51% Pinot Noir 36% Chardonnay 13% Pinot Meunier and full of complex toasty aromas and rich honey and almond notes on the palate.


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The Anchor Boilermaker List

The Anchor Boilermaker list was put together out of pure whimsy, accident and bartender lunacy of pairing beer with whisk(e)y, we named them after ourselves, our friends and various Birmingham bar industry reprobates.

Please enjoy responsibly.

Jacob - £6.75

 Jim Beam Bourbon with Amstel.

Jules - £8.75

Woodford Reserve Bourbon with Alhambra Reserve.

Raj - £9.75

Auchentoshan 12 year single Malt Whisky with Blue Moon.

Victoria - £10.75

Talisker Single Malt Whisky with Innis & Gunn.

Tommy - £11.75

Woodford Reserve Rye Whiskey with Sierra Nevada.

Jason - £7.25

Jim Beam Double Oak with Crafty Dan 13 Guns.

Erica - £9.25

 Jameson Whiskey with Brooklyn Lager.

Alice - £10.25

 Connemara Peated single malt Whiskey with Shipyard Pale Ale.

Rouse - £11.25

Hibiki Harmony whiskey with Wye Valley IPA.

Amy - £12.25

Paul John Brilliance Whisky with Moor Radiance.

The Anchor Cocktail List

The Anchor cocktail list was put together by Jules and Jacob – their aim was to provide some familiar drinks, twisted classics and some just plain twisted, all cocktails have at least 2 shots of alcohol in them so please enjoy responsibly.

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